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SEBI Tightening Noose on REAL ESTATE Companies

OVERVIEW: Raising Unregulated Funds from Public Recently, SEBI vide its interim order(s), has directed the companies engaged in mobilizing funds from public in unregulated manner, namely Garima Real Estate & Allied Limited (“GREAL”), Raghav Capital & Infrastructures Limited (“RCIL”), M/s Vee Realties India Limited (“VRIL”) & Arise Bhoomi Developers Limited (“ABDL”) (collectively called as “The Companies”) to, not to collect any fresh money from investors, not to launch any new schemes and has injuncted the companies from alienating or disposing any properties and assets and funds raised from public.
Ms. Deepika Vijay Sawhney Partner +919818316936 The Real Estate Industry plays significant role in growth of any economy. In India, this sector despite being of key importance has always faced financial crunches. To cover up finance needs, various new methodologies are adapted and tested by the Real Estate sector to meet the business requirements. Of late thi…

Promulgation of SEBI (Share Based Employee Benefit) Regulations, 2014

Taking into account the wider perspective of Employee Benefit Schemes in India as well as overseas and with the intent to align the provisions of the extant regulations with the Companies Act, 2013, the Market Regulator, SEBI has floated new Regulatory framework governing the regime of Employee Welfare Programmes. These new Regulations have been named SEBI (Share Based Employee Benefit Schemes) Regulations, 2014, w.e.f. 28 October, 2014.
Ms. Mohini Varshney Assistant Vice President +919971673332 This move of SEBI is a welcoming step that aims at streamlining the regulatory framework with the dynamic business environment thereby ensuring transparency in the operations of the Employee Welfare Trusts on one hand and bringing all Welfare Schemes involving Shares of the Listed Entities under the regulatory arena.