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Functioning of Employee Welfare Trusts- Now Regularized

Growth, development, and broadening horizons of business in India as well as overseas have awakened the entrepreneurs towards employee recognition and retention. Companies are extensively focusing on providing various kinds of benefits to their employees over and above the fixed salary. Thought behind setting up Employee Welfare Trusts Ms. Mohini Varshney Assistant Vice President +919971673332 Organizations set up Employee Welfare Trusts in order to provide various kinds of benefits and incentives to their human assets. These benefits usually include medical benefits, educational benefits, provision for sports facilities, provisions for facilities for leisure, vacation & travel and it includes shares based benefits also. Listed entities create Employee Welfare Trusts, which acquire shares from secondary market and then these shares are either allotted to the employees in the form of stock options or resold in the market and the funds generated out of it is utilize…