Starting A Booming Online Store In India

Starting a business requires motivation, zeal, and know how, And, most of the people in India are in fear of starting their own business because they think that it is too risky.

Actual reason of people unsuccessful in their businesses

  • It’s because most of the people don’t know what they’re doing.
  • People fail because they jump right in without doing the research
  • They fall short because they have no hint how to market their business

Mr. Manoj Kumar
Vice President
Outlining an Online Store:
  • Find a niche market and products that can make a profit selling online
  • Identify the gap in the market
  • Find genuine wholesale vendors that will sell you products at rock bottom prices
  • Sell goods online
  • Complete Order process
  • Market your store through Multiple traffic sources and get customers in the door without spending a dime
  • Convince your customers to buy once they land at your website

Milestones to run a successful online business

Proper guidance and education are the two points from where aspiring entrepreneur can run a successful online business.
For any start ups, a business plan allows you to gain a better understanding of your business idea, of your industry structure, competitive landscape; this will give a confidence in proceeding ahead in the business successfully.
So if you’re ready and have gained considerable business sense, here are the top touch points about starting your own business.

Starting A Business Is Too dicey

This is a wrong statement that starting your own business has to be expensive and chancy attempt. Also, it is true that many of the successful entrepreneurs have self-funded their startups by putting in huge debts; it definitely does not have to be that way.
Many of the e commerce sites have witnessed that the fact is that you can earn huge profits within a span of a year or two from your online store!
And, we are blessed with great Google tools on Internet, starting your own online business is as inexpensive and risk free as ever provided you have already analyzed the gap in the market.
Online Business means reaching the large size of market and reaching large number of customers. And, this is one of the most remarkable aspects of running an online business rather than a traditional retail store is that you can reach hundreds of millions of potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
By setting up a computer to manage your store front for you, you can create a business that can be run for something while freeing up your time to do things that you actually enjoy.
The best part about opening a store online is that your business will continue to grow as word of mouth travels about your store and you become further entrenched in the search engines.
To conclude, starting a business is neither too risky nor too easy.

Designing a Attractive Website Is Too Hard

Despite people are Internet savvy, still they are not aware of designing and launching of the website. In fact before anyone starts the online store, he/she thinks that designing a website is too difficult as well. Actually, the truth is that all of the software is already available for you at the internet and it is completely free and easy to install. And, there are freelancers/ web designers available in the market to which you can outsource your assignment of designing and launching website division. And the best part is that who charge quite reasonable as well. You can literally launch a full blown and fully functional shopping cart website with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Or else, you can hire a freelancer web designer for launching your website at a reasonable cost. So, it is not expensive at all.

You don’t have sufficient time to start a big business

Most of the people just think of starting a business. They keep thinking of ideas but they don’t get time to implement the same. So, to open an online store is all about doing a little bit each day and setting your sights on your long term goals. If you were to start an online store today, you should be willing to devote at least 5 hours a week if you are serious about starting your own business.
Starting the Business will make sure you stay motivated. Talk to the existing Entrepreneurs, bounce your ideas, and share your thoughts in a highly supportive environment. So, don’t just think, implement the same, remind yourself of your real dreams again and again which will motivate you to start early and gain early.

Sourcing the Products to sell

To this, I would say that impossible himself says I m Possible. So, let’s accept the fact that you cannot search anything online. Searching your lost footwear online is not really possible.
Finding products to sell by using the search engines and the Internet is difficult to do. Why? It’s because the Internet is full of scammers and middlemen who pretend to be wholesalers and are just waiting to cleave you off. In fact, looking online for products to sell using the search engines is probably the worst way to find wholesale vendors for your online store.
The truth is that most wholesalers don’t advertise online and rarely advertise at all. They don’t advertise because they don’t want every little mom and pop store contacting them to ask to sell their products. Instead, most wholesalers only want to deal with legit, honest businesses that can sell in sufficient volumes. So survey the wholesale markets physically and source the goods from there.
Finding legit wholesalers for your store and how to distinguish the true distributors from the scammers so you can buy your goods at rock bottom prices is very easy. And, now the question is where to keep the goods? Either you can keep it in your warehouses or run dropshipped online store. For those of you who do not want to store your own goods, you are advised to run a dropshipped online store without having to carry any inventory whatsoever!

Marketing an Online Store requires A Large amount of funds

Initially there is no need to have large marketing budget. Reality is the big media multinationals don’t control advertising anymore. In fact, there are many effective methods of marketing and advertising that are absolutely free.
In fact, there are different ways through which you can market your product online with a very less money. You can very well achieve a high search ranking for your website in your targeted niche by inserting key words related to your business on your website.
Moreover, there are many social networking websites like facebook, twitter, Google plus, blogs and many more, through which you can market your product.

Getting To The Top Of The Search Engine Rankings Is Too Hard

When it comes to search engine optimization, most newbie webmasters are at loss when it comes to increasing their search engine exposure and getting backlinks for their site. In fact, there is a common misconception that large ecommerce companies have an unfair advantage when it comes to search because they have powerful websites with a huge staff of SEO gurus.
The truth is that any website can rank in the search engines if you know what you are doing and are willing to put in the work. The online stores can ranks #1 for 20-30 keyword terms, #2 for 10 key word terms and on the front page for countless other terms.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to boost your search engine rankings, you just need the key words and links with large number of visitors.


1) List out the different Business Entities i.e. Company (Private or Public Limited)/ LLP

2) Compare and Choose the Best Suitable Business Entity

3) Incorporate and register your Company/ LLP

4) Obtain Income Tax Registrations such as PAN, TAN, Service Tax, Sales Tax, etc

5) Intellectual Property Rights Registration such as Trademark, Patents, etc.

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