Corporate Professionals adds new tools of “Innovative FREE Business Valuation Calculator” and “Articles and Research Hub” on its Online Portal “

Get Online Biz Valuation (FREE) 
Business Valuations Advisory in New Delhi, India
This is a remarkable user friendly FREE online tool which calculates the Indicative Value of a Company “Instantly” in ONE click based on certain basic company and financial data entered by the user. It is claimed that the total process takes less than just 5 minutes and can produce numbers which if done otherwise by Professional Valuers would cost tens of thousands of Rupees. And if you are looking at procuring a Professional Valuation Analysis Report for Statutory and/or Business considerations, you have an option to interact with the Valuation Team of Corporate Professionals. Downloadable Real World Specimen Valuation Reports are also uploaded on the portal. CLICK HERE TO TRY IT NOW.

  Articles and Research Hub
Since as of now there are no Regulated standards for Valuation in India, numerous conceptual controversies still remain, even among the most prominent valuation practitioners as Valuation as a discipline is still evolving in India. Corporate Professionals by virtue of its dedicated Valuation team, in-house research wing and proven expertise in Corporate Transaction Advisory has compiled such debated issues on Valuations and is preparing High Research orientated Articles on each of such issues. There shall also be an option for the users to share their comments on the topics. Similarly, the visitors can also join the existing interactive Valuation club for discussion and solution on any of the topics. A periodical newsletter is also planned for keeping its users updated, covering Research based contents as well. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW. CORPORATEVALUATIONS TEAM IS CONSTANTLY LOOKING TO TRANSFORM ITS UNIQUE PRODUCT OFFERINGS, AND WE BELIEVE THAT THESE NEW ONLINE TOOLS WOULD BE VALUABLE RESOURCES FOR ALL THE STAKEHOLDERS AND BUSINESSES.”

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