Start a Biz in India: Online Retailing

Do you want to own an online Shop? If yes, then, go ahead with starting online business in India. These days’ people are so busy in their lives, that they don’t have time to go out for shopping daily needs. Online businesses have an advantage over businesses in the real world. They all have 13 inch monitors as our windows to the customer. The idea is to start an online daily needs store like online Big Bazaar including grocery products, bathing products, etc.

Advantages of doing Business Online in India
Mr. Manoj Kumar
Vice President
  • Costs: One of the biggest advantages of doing business online is the savings that can be achieved by both consumers and businesses. Reducing gas consumption, paper use and employee time are just some of the cost-saving benefits e-commerce provides. Maintaining websites is getting less expensive with tools available that anyone with a computer can easily learn to use.
  • Reach: Online trading easily goes global through the Internet. Reaching customers around the worldis possible through the Internet, while markets open for a worldwide audience. Payments are automatic through secure credit card services and online payment services such as PayPal.
  • Flexibility: Rarely can a business keep its doors open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When doing business online, there are no time restraints. Businesses can reach customers at any time. Small business owners, often overwhelmed by the time constraints they face during the day, can conduct business with vendors and clients after hours. Students looking to further their education can attend classes when its convenient, providing a huge market.
Source: ehow    

    Online Business is need of the hour as more than 60% of the online shoppers planned to buy even more on Internet in the coming year. Also, the maximum number of online shoppers is females. So, you have many options to start this business.

    Demographics of Internet Market
    • Total Internet users with over 121 million as of December 2011
    • Much of the tech savvy population is now buying online though the numbers lag far behind neighbor China
    • Almost 75% of India’s Internet users are under the age of 34
    • Large number of mobile users access data services
    • Women are increasingly important presence online- 20-22% of India’s Internet Users are Women
    • Top 10 products bought online are Books, Electronic goods, Railway tickets, accessories, Apparel, Gifts, Computer, Airline, Music, Movies.
    Source: Nasscom

      But before starting, keep in mind that, naming the business is very important before starting the business and marketing strategy is also important. The e-commerce model also saves the administrative costs. However, just like starting a physical shop, online shop also demands the entrepreneur passion and high level of optimism.

      What is driving E-commerce adoption in small towns of India?
      • Rising Living Standards
      • Increased Awareness
      • Greater Wireless Internet Access
      • Lack of goods offline retail channels
      • Improving Online Availability
      • New Payment options
      All you have to do is planning, excellent marketing approach including SEO tool, 24 / 7 presence, timely delivery of products, transparency and customer satisfaction. And there are high chances to have your presence globally if you have updated information at your portal. You can appoint dedicated personnel for managing the web portal. Make sure that you get associated with paypal or payment merchant for receiving payments online.

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