Mobile Food Van : Startup Business Idea

Mobility has become part and parcel of the high paced lives people lead today, especially so in the metros. Competition you call it or the most modern manifestation of the famous Charles Darwin’s theory of Survival of the Fittest, everybody is working very hard to the extent of being available 24x7. And this makes it ever important for people to indulge in activities that rejuvenate their sense, good food being one of them.

Mr. Manoj Kumar
Vice President

West has this popular culture of food trucks which are nothing but mobile catering vans which move around in localities (very much like the ice cream carts here) selling anything from fast food to gourmet food served by amateur chefs. Such vans are very popular among people for various reasons: one, because of the convenience of locality; second, because of their lower prices in comparison to proper restaurants and third, the quickness of their service.

India has a similar concept bur more or less with the vans stationery at a place and that too is more common in industrial areas. For someone who likes to cook and feed people as a hobby, this is the best work idea where you not only get to fulfill your interest but get to earn as well.

One thing to consider here is that the initial investment in a van which can accommodate your cooking appliances depending on your preferences and the type of food you wish to sell. How you can differentiate your food van from others is by giving your van a proper look, having uniforms for all the staff that you plan to have, giving attention to the appearance of food you serve, emphasizing on hygiene and using social media to connect to the people. You can also give a new dimension to your business by accepting contracts for catering and getting booked for private events

Among other formalities before starting a business, you will have to consider the license and registration as per the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Businesses) Regulations 2011 and also seek permission from the Traffic Police in case you want your mobile food van to be mobile in the truest sense of the word.

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