Knowledge Masterclass on Corporate Valuations – Techniques & Application

Corporate valuations form the basis of corporate finance activity, including capital raising, mergers, acquisitions, demergers and disposals. The ability of market participants to identify under or overvalued companies drives portfolio out-performance and creation of shareholder value. Even the rapid globalization of the world economy has created both opportunities and challenges for organizations leads to uncertainty blowing across global markets which raise the importance of independent valuations all over the world.

Valuation is not an exact science and depends upon a set of financial and non financial factors like purpose, stage of business, assets, income and liabilities, industry scenario, market recognition, management background and intangibles etc.

With an intent to enlighten and update the Corporate and Professionals about the practice of applying range of valuation techniques, including their appropriate application, their advantages and disadvantages, Corporate Knowledge Foundation is organizing this Knowledge Master Class on "Corporate Valuations - Techniques and Application".

Corporate Professionals being the knowledge partner of the event will provide 1-year subscription to the website and "A Compilation of research oriented Valuation articles", a book exclusive written by Valuation team of Corporate Professionals.

knowledge masterclass on business valuations, technique and application by Corporate ProfessionalsFor details please visit the website page Events-> Current Programs.

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