Union Budget 2015: Investment Environment and Tax Aspects

The 2015 budget had long list of expectations. On one hand; the Government has addressed major issues surrounding the foreign investors which would certainly boost capital market inflows and revive the private equity industry (by deferring GAAR by 2 years and clarifying Permanent Establishment & Indirect Transfer of Assets). On other hand; it has just rationalized the subsidies. Probably as we see growth coming in and more job creation; subsidy burden can be better dealt with by the Government. Though there are no direct benefits for the middle class. However incentives have been introduced to encourage savings. These savings are expected to fuel the infrastructure and other investment plans laid out by the Government. Certainly Foreign investors have a reason to cheer for this Pro Business; Pro Growth Government budget.

View our paper on Investment Environment and Tax Aspects of Union Budget 2015 here:


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